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Salt Wizard Complete Package

Salt Wizard Complete Package

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Protect your vessel from corrosion the right way with The Wizard’s Complete Package.

Our Salt Wizard Salt Eliminating Wash has been specially formulated to break down salt deposits which are the leading cause of corrosion. Used alongside with our foam guns it makes it extremely easy to spread around your entire boat/JetSki and also makes it easy to get into the hard to reach places which is usually where corrosion begins. The Salt Eliminating Wash is also formulated with a 100% natural Carnauba Wax which leaves your Boat/JetSki protected and also gives it an incredible shine!

Our Engine Flush Treatment targets corrosion and is also formulated with a rust inhibitor to ensure the internal cooling system of your vessel is kept running smoothly which in the long run will prolong the lifespan of your engines. Flushing your Boat/JetSki engine with our engine flush treatment is a breeze with our high quality engine flush units, don’t waste your time with the other cheap products on the market which usually fail after a few uses.

Put these products together with the rest of our kit and you have everything you need to make cleaning your vessel quick, easy and most importantly you know you are doing it the right way

This Package comes with:

- Salt Eliminating Boat Wash

- Engine Flush Treatment 

- 1 Foam Gun

- 1 Engine Flusher

- 1 Microfibre Wash Mitt

- 1 Microfibre Towel

- 1 10L Sealed Bucket

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